My friends and my sister came over for a dinner dad and I spent a day cooking. I hope they didn’t have food poisoning when they got home.

It was my pre-emptive Thanksgiving dinner. We watched the election while we ate, turned off the TV while playing 3 rounds of Scattergories- unbeknownst to us the pivotal votes occured during those minutes we were arguing over whether ‘dull’ was considered a valid answer for ‘color’ or not. Not that I’m blaming Kevin.

I realized how much I adore my friends and am blessed to have the connections I do. Though I’m not the type of person to idolize any one person, it in fact drives me to meet more people in search of the same excellence I have found with these folks. Friends are like Pokemon cards to me. Collect ’em all.

I just wish I had a dermatologist friend. I need to score some Accutane.

Published in: on November 5, 2008 at 7:36 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. maybe one day you will lose a limb and i will become more valuable.

  2. There there…You’re good for hemming my jeans and making me purses and bags and such.

  3. oh yeah!! thanks!

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