The other day I had a huge craving for fried chicken. I was daydreaming about it all through morning report. Nice, crispy chicken with some sweet tea…chicken rotating in slow motion glowing in the light of a heat lamp…some Barry White music playing in the background…

I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was fried chicken at noon  conference? So strongly I imagined it, I almost wasn’t surprised when I went down for noon conference and there was chicken there. For a fraction of a second, I felt like I was master of the universe. But that chicken was just ok. It was just enough to tide me over for the week.

I’m been a longing to go to Eischen’s- a famous fried chicken joint in OK. World-famous fried chicken and cold beer. Maybe that should be our intern retreat- just a restaurant tour throughout the state.

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  1. they dont rotate it if its fried

  2. Hey, that’s a good idea. It should be a retreat that lasts several weeks though so we can try out lots of restaurants without getting sick from eating to much all at once.

    And we shouldn’t have to work the whole time.

  3. – i’m talking about my dream sequence jennifer. Kind of like the one from American Beauty. only with chicken. But thanks for sharing your chicken expertise

    – Gina, I second that. We’ll be the most roly poly interns Childrens has ever seen.

  4. The scene from American Beauty also requires rose petals everywhere. Don’t forget.

    And I’m already on my way to becoming more roly poly. Stupid desserts with lunch.

  5. it’s funny, I complain on how having dessert at noon conference makes me fat, but i get mad when the dessert isn’t delicious. Shouldn’t I be grateful that I don’t want it?

  6. LOL. Crispay…It reminds me of Dana from TLW.

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