Pimms no. 1 cup

First, Dr. Sparling and her husband raved about this ‘Pimms’ thing. I thought they were talking about Pims, the cookies (the second ‘m’ is silent, which threw me off), but apparently it was an alcoholic drink. It wasn’t motivating enough to make my want to buy a bottle, since I can’t drink much anyways- I could by 20 milkshakes instead.

Then Jason started to rave about it. And I asked my friend Laura, the catering geologist, and she told me how to mix Pimm’s no. 1 cup, cheap ghetto style:

  Laura:  One shot of Pimms, and three shots worth of 7up.

              Pour both into a glass filled cup, 

              Fill the rest of the cup with 7up if you want, garnish with cucumber.

Laura: ICE filled cup! ICE FILLED! geez! not glass filled!


Well, I’m glad laura didn’t mean for me to drink shards of glass.
Phew, our friendship is intact. I’m totally going to try this recipe as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning maybe?
And she’s promised to bootleg some of the stuff if I like it. Whee! It’s like we’re living the Prohibition.
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  1. hmm, never heard of it. i’d probably rather have the cookies.

  2. It’s a drink popular in London, I think.

  3. Mmmmm, coooooooooooookiiiiiieeeees

  4. isnt pimms just pomegrante alcohol

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