Halloween costume idea # 3

Gram negative rod

Wear my white clothes that accidentally got washed with a red shirt and are now stained pink. Walk around with my hands straight at my side. Cause people to have diarrhea. If my back starts to hurt, I can slouch, hang around seafood, and declare myself vibrio parahemolyticus.

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  1. You also need pop rocks in your mouth and when people ask you a question, you open your mouth full of pop rocks that are bubbling and comment that you’re oxidase positive.

    I think you also need to walk with a train of toilet paper stuck to you and claim it as your polar flagella.

  2. okay i meant catalase positive. not oxidase positive

  3. eggcellent. That brought back flashbacks of microbiology lab at UT.
    remember how that building always had that funky smell?

  4. Ha ha… you know they finally demolished the ESB!

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