I have no identity

Whiling away the minutes before I am on call tonight, I decided to put a music playlist together. Most of the songs are Jason’s suggestions, and I wondered if I’ve lost the ability to find new things for myself. Have I just become a Jason copy cat? A hapless clone? It reminded me of this conversation I had with my sis.

Jennifer: You’ve always done whatever Jason does
Me: Noo… I’ve always done whatever Philip does. Scuba diving, fencing…
Jenn: Yeah, that’s true.
Me: So now I wanna marry Robin.

just kidding phil and robin! (hope there won’t be any awkwardness at the family reunion) It’s not even legal yet so you have nothing to worry about. Unless we all find ourselves living in California for some reason. Then all bets are off.

Speaking of family reunions- it’s official! I have Nov 1st til the 7th off. What sucks is when I return I’m going to be on call in the PICU every 4 nights or something like that. And I’ll only have 1 day before my first call to get aquainted with the place.
But it’s worth it, because I’ll be there for my mom’s birthday. Oh, and the fam is throwing an early Thanksgiving for me. There’s one family member I’ve been hoping to see for a very long time now in particular.
No, not Robin. (Though I miss her, of course)

Hit pop out player to listen

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  1. that is the neatest thing! i’m listening to jasmine’s music!

  2. You should make a playlist and so I can listen to Comma Liberty’s music!

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