mrs roach

email from jennifer:

this is from the message board on facebook dedicated to mrs. roach i laughed so hard i almost pee pee’d.

“I got to go monitor the halls now. Make sure nobody knocks down the cerebral palsy kids.”
-Mrs. Roach

“Haha I have so much to say about her class but I’ll just say my 2 favorite! First, I got moved to 3 different periods throughout the year cuz I was causing to much “ruckus” she said with the other classmates! Second, she punished me one time for tickiling her feet while she was telling a story by putting me in time out under her desk and while I was under there I found the final exam and passed that bitch with a 99!”
-john pasquier

“So who here fell asleep at one point during her lectures and had to hold her hand for the rest of the class? “- carl jempty

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  1. It saddens me that even with the test he still missed a question

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