I was sick with some viral pharyngitis for the last few days of my ward month. I was on call the very last day. It sucks, because not only am I being supercareful not to spread germs to the patients, but parents couldn’t understand what I was saying. One thought I said we were increasing her child’s medicine. “Don’t you mean decrease?” she said, shocked. “Yes ma’m, I’m sorry. You probably misheard me because I have a cold and I’m wearing this mask.” “You better be decreasing it.” And she gave me this look that made me feel incompetent even though I had been double checking the medlist every day to make sure the dosage schedule was being followed.
I finally got home Monday, Labor Day. I paid my bills and went to sleep. What a life.

At least payday was last week. I like to log onto my bank account from time to time and just look at the money I have. It makes me feel happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday in the future I’ll have a vault in my house where I can swim in my money, like Scrooge McDuck did in DuckTales. It’d be all pennies, of course

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  1. no one likes a showoff

  2. They do if you really have something worth showing off.

  3. Sorry I had to rub the fact that I have mountains of pennies in your face.

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