The Olympic opening ceremony was impressive. The pollution haze made the fireworks look very pretty.
Again, I like my class. We get along like gravy. Erin was talking about how embarassed she gets during adolescence clinic. “I don’t mind talking to the girls, but I turn bright red when I have to talk to the boys. I ask them if they’ve had sex with their girlfriend, and you can tell they’re lying. Then I have to ask them if they’ve thought of having sex. I feel like a pervert. (in a psycho lecherous voice) Oh reeeaaaallly? Tell me more.

Anyways, I’m done with nightfloat. It was pretty straightforward, except for that one time i had just gotten comfy in bed and got woken up by text message at 4am and jumped up thinking I was being paged. Thanks Daniel…thanks for drunk texting at 4am.

One of the things I do on nightfloat is write admission orders and write a history and physical exam report. Some of these people have been referred from other hospitals, gone through our ER, and dog tired. While I was washing my hands I heard one dad on the phone say annoyedly “Yeah the doctors are here. They keep poking and prodding at him.” He saw me and gave an embarassed smile.
Let me say this in general- I don’t WANT to examine your kid. I don’t want to wake him up. I don’t want to be awake. And i know you don’t want me to make your kid cry. But here we are, sick child in hand, and it needs to be done.
There is a method to our madness. One of the biggest difference between a good doc and a bad doc is the ability to get the important details. And we can’t rely on other doctors to have been thorough. On tests, all the important facts are given to us. Being able to answer those is 25% of the battle. In real life, we have to dig the info out. Sometimes literally- like when the kid has really bad ear wax. Or poop. I love it when parents save a diaper for me to see. One mom told me if I wanted to see her baby’s constipated poop, I could dig through the trashcan in the bathroom. “I left it near the top.” Thanks.

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  1. ewwwwwwww

  2. Did you dig?

  3. EWwwww no. I said Thanks, but that I trusted her description to be accurate.

  4. i am here at work reading your blogging and laughing out loud at this. it’s so gross it’s funny.

  5. You actually read this! I just realized all those emails I sent you in college were like baby blog posts. I’m sorry I made you read all of that, but you were my only outlet at the time.

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