I start my 30 hour shift today.
Othello’s has good gnocchi.
I like my patients on ward, on a personal level and medical level.
Jason gets to play poker with Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives creator). Neil Patrick Harris is on the invite list. I am jealous.

Jasmine: Two people on my team went to Oral Roberts University.
Caleb: Oh.
Caleb (cautiously): What’s Oral Roberts?
Jamine: It’s a conservative Christian Univeristy
Caleb: Oh. I thought Oral Roberts was like a Dirty Sanchez.
Caleb: Or maybe I was thinking of a Cleveland Steamer.
Jasmine: What’s a Cleveland Steamer?
Caleb: I’m not sure. I just know it exists.

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  1. oh, you’re too funny. i’ve kind of wondered about the dirty sanchez since i read about dustin diamond’s sex tape, but i’m too embarrassed to look it up. what if someone sees it in my firefox history?

  2. Doogie Howser! I am so jealous!

    Btw, I’m in the middle of a self-induced Greys Anatomy minimarathon, vicariously feeling your pain.

  3. Urban dictionary answers all, nancy. But sometimes not knowing is better.

    Laura-I like to imagine I’m on the set of Grey’s Anatomy when I’m working- “You’re just actors! None of this is real. Let’s go hang out in Patrick Dempsey’s trailer.”
    I get funny looks, but it numbs the pain a little bit.

  4. I know about urbandictionary, but I am still too embarrassed. A Cleveland Steamer sounds like some kind of locomotive. But I’m too embarrassed to look that one up, too.

  5. or a vacuum!

  6. or an sordid act where one person dumps on another!

  7. who needs urban dictionary??

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