Divya and I go to the ER dressed up all fine since we were coming from clinic. Ok, Divya was dressed up fine, I was dressed up decent. An eyesore, but decent.
Dr. Williams (on our overdressy-ness): See, as an attending, I wear a tux. You’re just interns so you can get away with being less fancy.

Dr. Williams: We have a patient named Jasmine, and Jazmine.
Dr. Keller: three Jasmines… We have way too many.
Me: Let’s discharge some of them. Starting with me. Please.

Dr. Williams: What?
Me: My first name is Jasmine.
Dr. Bax: You didn’t know her name?
Dr. Williams: I’ve been calling her Dr. Dao. I show respect!

In clinic…
Me: When was the last time your daughter had diarrhea?
Parent: While we were in the waiting room, she told me she farted but then I looked and it was diarrhea.
Me: Oh, she sharted
Me: ….um, you didn’t hear that.

Aj: My goal, you guys, is to get through internship without standing out at all.
Jasmine: Great idea. At the end of the three years, if the attendings don’t know who we are, then we’ve done well.

Azif: Have you been dieting? You look like you’ve lost weight.
Jasmine: I have no choice. I can’t afford to buy new clothes. Gaining weight is not an option.

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  1. don’t you worry you patiebts, past present abd future, will read this. Esp the ones about you forgetting to do things?

    Glad thibgs are well for you. However, when will you get paid? I sleep on a hardfloor in the livingroom and mother and father just walk over me in the morning. And we are cold and there is only yogurt in the fridge. I’m lactose intolerant.


    Haha jk!!!

    We have a frozen burrito too.

  2. Hey, I used to sleep on the hardwood floor and you thought it looked fun.

  3. Sharting. Thank you for that. I am going to use that word with my patients now.

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