yep, still in the ER

Dr. Stuemky told me to go straightway into a room and diagnose a patient’s rash. I walked in, and i’ll be darned. It wasn’t hives, it wasn’t a fungal thing, it wasn’t granulosa annulare, it wasn’t bumpy like any meales or anything. it was splotchy and all over. the word ‘lacy’ was mentioned. Then the mom told me about how it was on her cheeks, and ‘slapped cheeks’ came into the convo. Aha. Parvovirus. 5th’s disease.
I walked out and found Aj, who was just hanging around waiting for Rachna. I asked her to guess what I was describing. “It was this lacy rash…” “Oh, yeah, 5th’s disease,” she said nonchalantly. She did a double take when she saw the look of awe and admiration growing in my eyes. “No! no! i didn’t know that before! I was bored and was studying this poster about rashes.” I still had sparkly doe eyes, I think, because she quickly pulled me over to the side wall where yes, there was a poster of 5 rashes and there was the exact phrase “lacy red rash” under 5th’s disease. I refrained from calling her the r—s— word, because I know she hates it. I just find it funny that Aj is so determined to assert her mediocrity.
Paul and I were working in the ER later that night. We had a case of diarrhea with some blood. We took an abdominal x-ray and while the upper levels were busy with stuff we took a look at it. The colon was actually filled with sparkly poop. It looked like a nebula was inside this kid’s gut. Paul decided we should use google to figure out what it is. “What shall we google?” he said. “Try ‘starry poop’,” I said. What was he ingesting that was radiolucent? Should we put up a magnet and see if he is attracted to it? Then we both remembered that Pepto Bismol is radiolucent, and would show up on Xray. Darn it, so less interesting. But, yay! Better for the patient.
Azif has shaved off his mustache, Divya is returning to our intern class, I like all my upper levels, and I got to meet Steph and Dave’s baby- Abby. I asked if I could be Abby’s godmother. There was no reply, so I secretly dubbed myself her godmother. No one can stop me!
Anyways, I’m liking ER and kinda hope it doesn’t end, since wards is next. But there are lights alongside the tunnel that is internship. Kelly and I have asked for a no call night to go see So you think you can dance in October and I am going Phil’s wedding in September.
Life is pretty nice.

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