This last 12-hr shift was more stressful than usual. The resident in charge got blood squirted in her eyes while draining an abcess, so she had to leave to the adult ER because there was documentation and stuff to do. She waited for 2 hours before being seen, and more time passed before the adult ER told her she had to go some other place. So I was alone with the attending for quite a bit. We did see some interesting pathology. One kid had a cut on his eyelid, so opthamology had to come down and sew it all up. I talked to him when they were done. His eyes were hugely dilated and he was chatting away excitedly- it made him look high and made me want to laugh.
This week we also had a case of child abuse. An anonymous tipster called the police. But when the police came to the house, the grandmother said no child is in here and to get off her property. Police went in and found a tiny girl with lots of burns. The girl’s older sister was missing last I heard. Nurses and docs have been dropping by and giving the girl clothes and blowing bubbles with her.
Anyways, I have an inservice exam in 8 hours. I should be sleeping but the schedule has messed up my pattern already. I haven’t studied, but it should be ok, this is just a gauge of what needs to be taught and stuff.

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