working on the 4th of july

So i did a shift from 8pm-8am. Funny stuff was said, but I can’t recall them anymore. The attending did show us a funny clip on Youtube called MTV cribs NICU. It’s funny, but I think we can make a funnier one- if we had that kind of time on our hands. But maybe we will. After all, my friend Crystal did do a photo montage of a package of macaroni and cheese giving birth just a couple of weeks ago.
The attending has this idea of putting a build-a-bear workshop in the ER or someplace for a the kids. I think this is a bad idea, as children will be self-mutilating themselves because, hey, free bear. They already hurt themselves for no good reason.
Dr. Hoffman helped me to an LP on a 18 day old baby. I had eaten a cupcake, a cookie, a banana, 3 sodas, and 1 piece of brisket for dinner ( I wanted to make sure all the nurses got brisket). So, my hand was kinda shaky and my stomach kinda hurt actually. I wasn’t sure if I was nervous or if it was due to all that sugar. But the procedure went real well, until I forgot to actually collect the spinal fluid that was coming out of the tap. I was still mentally celebrating getting it in. Luckily Dr. hoffman was there and just took over. Note to self- celebrate during cleanup.

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