the day before the first day

It’s been 1.5 weeks of orientation. I’ve managed to ace my PALS test (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and NR (neonatal resuscitation), which means I can totally take over a pediatric code as long as I am given multiple choices and a #2 pencil.
Aj has earned the nickname “Rockstar” and she’s begging us to stop calling her that. But it fits her so well. She’s one of those quiet(er) people who manages to impress you at times when you aren’t expecting to be impressed by anything…
We had dinner at Dr. Bogie’s house. Oklahoma is really quite pretty, and Bogie’s house was one of the nicest houses I’ve seen. It wasn’t the biggest or the richest, just nicest. They had a swimming pool with little fountains that was connected to a lower, deeper pool via an incline that doubled as a slide. Dr. Warner’s husband took a dive and ended up with a scratched up nose.
In the middle of the party we were called to have a talk about professionalism. At the end, the attendings all tried to console us by saying “We’re more nervous than you are.”
This had the opposite effect of what was intended. It was akin a general saying “Men, I know you’re about to shit your pants. I am too. In fact, I have, a little bit. So we’re all going in there scared. Don’t be ashamed, just do your best.”
Ok, that’s an exaggeration. And maybe they’re right, being honest about the whole thing. We’ll see. I’m about to throw up.

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