You Tube Medical school (also ‘If you need help dieting’)

Here is a great video guide on draining pus (pirated from the New England Journal of Medicine):

Thanks to jorge for the info.

I just got my schedule changed on me today. Instead of relatively cush Adolescent clinic, I’ll be starting this year in Pediatric ER. The very first night I ever work, I will be on call. Dr. Noel had told me a year ago, “you never know, your very first day you might be on call. You could be seeing 26 kids and having to admit them all”. Thanks for jinxing me, Dr. Noel.

Video on suturing

Part II

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  1. Dear Dr. Dao,

    I am a high school student-and I want to be a doctor!! :) I wanted to ask some questions about your occupation. What do you like most? What do you like least? And how long does it take for a resident to get their first paycheck and then fedex it to their family in houston? If you are busy, you don’t have to answer the first two. Thanks!

    A high school student

  2. Dear HSS,
    I am pleased you are interested enough in this noble field to put down your US magazine and ask me such in depth questions. By the way, what is the latest word on Angelina and Brad’s twins?
    The way medicine works is that we get our checks direct deposited into an account we choose. Being the martyrs that we are, most residents choose to send it to third world countries to help starving children. After those children have eaten their fill, then the money is sent to the resident’s families in Houston to spend on their hedonistic pursuits. The resident herself starves, but gets to go to heaven. I hope that answers your question.

    Hugs and Bandaids,
    Dr. Dao

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