good times

Lane: Pick a place you all want to go eat.
Jasmine: Are you paying?
Lane: Of course I am! -NOT- going to pay. See, I just got a letter in the mail today from a gal named Sallie Mae…
Lane (under his breath): the cruel manipulative biatch.

I’m reading the textbook on Neonatal Resuscitation during a break when my two chief residents walk up to me
Katherine: You don’t need to read all of it. Just do the quizzes.
Lane: Most of the stuff you will hear about tomorrow, and the real test is hands on portion. We give you real kids to work with, and if you kill more than 5 of them, you fail.
Jasmine: Are these kids orphans or something?
Katherine: We have something called “Baby Jail” here…

After a sushi dinner with all the classes, someone asks Azif what did he have
Azif: It was this shrimp…that looked like it came from KFC…
John R: Tempura.

Jasmine: What color car do you have?
Gina: Blue.
John B: Light blue?
Gina: No, just blue. Daytona blue.
Scott: Is that the official name?
Gina: Yeah, it’s really bright blue.
John (pointing to a picture): Like this?
Gina: No, brighter.
Jasmine: A solid blue.
Gina: Yeah.
John: Like this? (points to a water bottle)
Gina: no, more blue.
John: Like this? (points to some paper)
Gina: No…blue like a cyanotic baby.

Jasmine to Scott: It was originally called Cyanotic Baby Blue, but that wasn’t popular, so that’s when they changed it to Daytona Blue.
Scott: Sounded like a winner to me.

Rachna: Azif, have you ever done anything with your mustache?
Divya: You should shave it all off. We can do it for you.
Azif (hopefully): You…want to shave me?

Jasmine: Steph!
Stephanie: Jasmine! Hey, what are you up to?
Jasmine: We’re doing the scavenger hunt part of orientation.
Stephanie (a bit incredulous): You guys look so excited….(starts walking away)Ha. Ha. Hahaha!
Jasmine (calling after her): Bye! Wait, is that an evil laugh?

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