My cohorts (Oklahomies)

The good thing is we all approve of each other so far. I like them because they’re all characters. Real characters. There’s Mandy, a shoots-from-the-hip type. She’s really smart, probably from all the time she spent in school: 9 years of college, 4 of med school, 1 year family medicine residency, and now starting Med-Peds. Her claim to fame is her ability to function on 4 hours of sleep a day.
There’s Nikoletta from Bulgaria, who speaks with deep accented voice (not manly, just a certain powerful underlying base to it). She was a practing doctor already in Europe. She told us her son loves to watch spongebob, drake and jake, and Southpark. Her son is 6. Southpark? Really? Those crazy liberal Europeans. She’s blunt too. She told us how her son loves to repeat lines from TV. “He quotes the Spongebob, and I’m like, what? You’re so weird. Why you talk like this? You’re retarded.”
Kelly is your wholesome southern gal who loves dogs. She has one here with her, and when I mentioned I miss mine she said I’d have to get my dog fix. I was confused. “But, my dog is already neutered.” Why the hell is this girl telling me my dog needs his nuts cut off? No, she said, your dog fix. I asked her to repeat it. “Dog fix.” After some long seconds it clicked. “OH! Like DRUGS! Drug fix/dog fix.” She looked at me with some expression I could not decipher, but I believe I saw pity in there.
Azif “just don’t call me Azz” is a totally cool dude with a neatly trimmed mustache from India. I think he was already a practicing doctor there too, he looks it. When we were introducing ourselves around, he said his token line (don’t call me Azz), then added “Single and ready to mingle” in a cute punctuated english. He introduced me to the term Oklahomies.
Ajla just came over from Pakistan. She needs a license and thought it’d be good to get driving lessons since in Pakistan they drive on the other side of the road. “So this weekend, if you see a crazy car going the wrong way, wave and smile. It’s Ajla!” I said. She nodded. “I would not advise riding with me,” she admitted.
Gosh, there’s too many to write about in one post. 14, 5 guys 9 girls. We suspect they bumped up the number of guys because so many of last year’s class got pregnant (99% of that class is female). I’ll have to write more specifics as time goes on. Specifics about each person, not on how the other class got pregnant.

Today we practiced suturing and getting intraosseus access. For the IO’s we practiced on chicken thighs. Mandy was my partner. our needle kept going through the entire bone, poking out the other side. We decided it was the chicken’s fault. “Hey, our chicken has osteoporosis.” The instructor just looked confused. Nikoletta said, “Well of course it’s osteopenic, you idiots. All chickens are. If you just sat in a cage all day you’d have bird bones too.” She said it really sweetly.

Jorge:Cool. So any hotties?
Me: No, we’re all pretty ugly.

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