one year (not one anus)

One year ago, I was getting dressed in a gown that wasn’t quite zipped up all the way (but not scandalous) and hat one size too big for me. I lined up with other people and like penguins we marched onto to our fates. Nancy was there to take her artistic photography (email excerpt: “…I decided on a butts-only theme. All of the photos are of people’s butts. I hope your mom understands my artistic interpretation.”)
Meanwhile, Tricia and Kevin were out searching for the perfect graduation card. They would continue searching, in fact, and totally miss the ceremony. Their presence in San Antonio was not known until I was already on my way back to Houston. I had assumed their absence from the graduation was due to Tricia being post-call and it being a far distance for Kev to drive by himself. I underestimated the devotion my friends had.
Jorge couldn’t make it but had dropped by weeks earlier. I am grateful to have so many good friends I can count on (not only those mentioned here).

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  1. one anus?

  2. Yeah…One anus. Versus two ani.

  3. ah, thank you for the clarification.

  4. No problem, I can see how the title was misleading. Everyone came to the site expecting an post about butts, and were disappointed. I’m a failure.

    ;) <- anal wink.

  5. i seem to have a fixation with proctology.

  6. Too bad there is no procology subspecialty in the field of prosthetics :( <- anal frown (just kidding! that doesn’t exist)

  7. i meant proctology. I am tired of editing my comments for spelling mistakes.

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