In need of spanish class

While working in the clinic with Tricia with a only-Spanish speaking patient.

Tricia: Necesito examinar los ovarios

Patient: ?

Tricia: Los ovarios.

Patient shakes her head sheepishly: No comprende.

Tricia: Uh, ovarios…ovarias? 

Patient squints her eyes.

Tricia: Jasmine? Do you want to give it a shot?

Me: Um…los huevos (while miming said nouns)…pero… para mujer!  (now indicating where the ovaries should be)

Patient: Ahhh!

Me: Si?

Patient: Si! (we nod excitedly at each other) Los ovarios!

…Which strangely, is exactly what Tricia said at first. I’m not sure what was lost in translation or maybe it was just wrong enuciation. But we all had a good laugh and I’m glad to report her ovarios were okie dokie.

I’m a bit sad at all the Spanish I’ve forgetten. There was a time when I was the star of my Spanish class in college. I got rave reviews for my scene reenactments of Destinos in college as Raquel Rodriguez’s (abogada for hire) mother. Or maybe it was Arturo’s mother. Those were my days of glory.



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  1. it’s strange. when I was living in Mexico, I’d say something in spanish which I was SURE is the correct word, and people would just give me baffled looks. then i’d point to it on a map or show it to them in written form, and they’d be like, ‘ohhhh!’ I never thought my pronunciation was that bad, but i guess it was.

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