On getting things done, my listening paper

I just got my grade back for my behavioral class final paper- a nice 94. Surprisingly better than my earlier, more painstaking work in that class. We had to research and ‘design’ a program to help with some behavorial health aspect. Mine was on Ipods and hearing loss. By the end I actually wanted to make it into a real program. It could as famous as the Jared diet from Subway commercials.

I don’t know about keeping the name I haphazardly made up for it though. “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.” I’m proud of the fact that I made it up in less than 5 seconds after realizing midway through presentations that the prof wanted that sort of thing.

It seems kind of depressingly morbid though, a little like Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind.” I hear a song, only for a moment then my hearing’s gone… I think most people would prefer something upbeat, like “Listen up! Tune that down!” or maybe like D.A.R.E, only it’s H.A.R.E, Hearing Abuse Resistance Education, with a cool rabbit in sunglasses. Rabbits make sense because of their giant ears, and Hare…it’s too perfect. Though I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between rabbits and hares.

Anyways, update on my life: I just got BLS re-certification down. Doing CPR and the Heimlich is a great workout by the by, maybe I could start an aerobics class based on that.  I’m headed up to OKC tomorrow to find my home for the next 3 years. Reading online apartment reviews is fun. I wonder how many are fake though. One person said one rat had died in their oven somehow, making it smell everytime they baked. Anyways, I have it narrowed down a bit. The place I absolutely want, Garage Loft Apartments, has a ridiculous waiting list, so that’s out.

I scheduled my Step 3 exam too. So I’ll be living my childhood dream of becoming a hermit for the whole month of May.

 Hopefully I’ll have good news about the apartment when I get back.


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  1. hare have even bigger ears than rabbits, so you’re in luck!

  2. and Hare is an anagram for hear. I am not sure how that relates exactly, but it is an interesting coincidence

  3. haha, i noticed that, too, and wondered the same thing.

  4. did you change your comment picture?

  5. no; i don’t know why that showed up.

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