On my last day at public health school

Wednesday was my last day at the school of public health. I didn’t spend it very well because I was a little delirious. I had been up for more than 36 hours putting the finishing touches (read: pages) to my paper. Then we had to present them, and I realized how crappy mine was. I just tried to do too much. It was just ‘Physician Quality” which you can write a textbook on, if you were so inclined. It should have been “Physician Quality through Standardized Tests” or “Incentives.”

My friend Eddie wrote a report on misuse of the Emergency Room. The term is actually ‘ER abuse’, which one of my classmates objected to. These people are misusing it, sure, but saying ‘abuse’ puts the blame on them. As if they show up  drunk in wifebeaters and start smacking the ER around. A lot of people tend to wait until they really have to get care, as seen with patients with gallstones, or because they are misinformed about their condition.

Another paper was on how non-profit organizations stay financially competive. Interesting, since people don’t associate ‘non-profit’ with capitalism per se. One study found that rich people tend to give less than middle and low socioeconomic classes. I could have told you this. Anyone who has gone trick or treating in a rich neighborhood hoping for the giant bars of candy knows this. The rich aren’t into sharing the wealth.

One charity mentioned runs a bar to make their money. They’re called Sisters of Charity and a professor at my school works with them. It’s run solely by nuns. I get crazy mental images thinking about that. Can one get communion there? I bet one can. I need to figure out where this place is.

To be continued. I have to finish up my biostat journal or my final won’t be graded.






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  1. you make me laugh! on a slightly different vein, i heard in one of my classes that there was this homeless clinic where they offered patients little bottles of liquor for coming in for followups for something… tb treatment, I think. apparently it worked really well. but eventually they had to end it because of … uh… conflicts of interest. it made me think though.

  2. like my new profile pic?

  3. Is your picture supposed to be a roundish person silhouette? Maybe a snowman?

  4. arrrr! it’s the same picture you’re using, except you’re cropped out of it instead of me. :P

  5. haha i see it now!
    It’s tough getting profile pics when you’re a siamese twin stuck at the head.

  6. hey, haven’t i taken enough pics of just you though? ;)

  7. Yes, you have, but those post head seperation surgery photos make me sad.

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