On Procrastination

You know there is actually research that explains procrastination. A chart shows that you wait until the cost of not doing the work is higher than the enjoyment you get from not working.

(for more look up ‘Joseph Ferrari procrastination’ on Google Scholar)

Some people tend to procrastinate because they have personality ‘NAch’= achievers. They are rewarded by reaching their goals- that’s their main focus. So they usually set lower levels they know they can attain. Or they self-sabatoge so when they fail, they can protect their ego blaming it on something. Procrastination is a form of self-sabatoge.

I’m an NAch. I’m procrastinating right now. Ow. Why do I hate myself?

 Acknowledgement is the first step to behavior change.

I’m trying…

My big problem is that while I’m researching/typing my Physician Quality paper, I get distracted by other ideas. Now I want to do a study on informal sources of patient information, including Direct-to-consumer advertising, the Internet, and TV shows. I would like to do a survey and see how each source affects the patient’s approach towards his/her own healthcare, which ones are more influential, etc.

Maybe that will be my future thesis.  Ok, back to work.

Tip: to get started, procrastinators need to realize they can never get ALL of the research on a topic done. There’s too much information. The time cost must be realized and limited.

Secondly, it helps to set the goal of doing 80% of a task, instead of expecting to go from nothing to total completeness. 80% is I’ve done with my biostat final and behavorial paper. It really helps knowing most of the work is behind me.





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