On Music

I didn’t get to listen to the radio until I was a sophmore in high school. Which was sort of OK by me, since I’d spent my life growing up to the Beatles, other oldie classics, and Vietnamese songs.  My taste in music was more in that vein. So when I did turn on the radio (I remember these songs distinctly), Kriss Kross’ “Jump! Jump!” or Voices’ “Yeah Yeah Yeah! ” did nothing for me. I recall being appalled by Yeah Yeah Yeah (not to be confused with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs).  

One of my favorite Viet songs to listen to during that time was Duy Cuong’s instrumental versions of Pham Duy’s Chieu Ve Tren Song (which I guess means Evening returns home on Waves- not the hand wave, but waves on a river). Did I mention I’m illiterate in Vietnamese?

I couldn’t find the instrumental version but here is a link to other versions of the song, singing included.

Something about that song reminds me of Flower Duet, Lakme (it saddened me to see a Youtube description of it as “British Airways Theme”)

I realize they’re not really alike, but  when I listen to them I get the same feeling in the gut. Maybe it’s indigestion.



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